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Trending Banarasi Saree Styles for 2023

A woman wearing a saree for sure is a wonder woman. If she can do chores without ruining her pleats, and wrap six yards of fabric, then you know what she is capable of. 

Trending Banarasi Saree

A handloom Banarasi saree stands out among the exquisite and outstanding ethnic saree assortment.

Extremely fantastic, lavish, and expensive sarees are what matter in an ethnic fashion contest. Check out some of KALKI fashion’s top saree styles in Banarasi handloom silk. Different styles of Banarasi silk sarees may make one look breathtakingly beautiful while also adding opulence and glitter to their appearance.

let us start at the beginning

1. Uppada Silk: A Work of Art 


You will eventually fall in love with the exquisite textile handloom if you travel far and wide. With this iconic saree that exemplifies Indian history, culture, and class, you may appreciate the steadfast spirit of all Indian culture and exquisite handmade. For those who want to keep it simple yet attractive, the lovely cream-white handloom saree in meenakari woven in uppada silk is ideal. The exquisite golden tone gives the saree an opulent appearance.

2. Wholeheartedly Handloom Kora Silk

For the love of style and extravagance, we bring to you a wonderful example of traditional Indian craftsmanship. With its lovely gold and silver zari kadhwa weave and magnificent floral pattern on the pallu that is producing a mesmerising effect, the Banarasi saree just can’t fail to wow. This extremely beautiful song is perfect for Indian festivities and royal weddings, and we bet you just can’t ignore it.

3. Never Let Your Roots Fade Handloom Silk

This Banarasi uppada silk saree is what you should rely on if you want to define your wardrobe with handloom cloth and quality. The saree’s kadhwa meenakari weaving speaks of Indian craftsmanship, genuineness, and the brilliant brains that created it. Take a walk filled with pride as you wear this handloomed fabric that exudes class and nobility. 

4. Embrace In The Ethnic Gem With Katan Silk

With this mustard yellow Banarasi katan silk saree, we can claim that royalty is displayed to its absolute best. The vintage and traditional kadhwa meenakari border lends the saree a traditional appearance for daytime festivals and wedding festivities. The elegant flower embellishments on the saree give it a magnificent and captivating appearance. Add some flair to your appearance with coordinated accessories and vibrant makeup.

5. Silk-Ooze Patola Katan, Royalty & Grace

The saree in ikat weave appears distinctive, alluring, and in-demand because to its vibrant colour, cheery flowers, and classic patola design. The traditional Banarasi handloom saree with resham embroidery comes right out of KALKI trend. You can embody the authentic Indian spirit and pay respect to Indian artisans’ skill and weaving by wearing this magnificent and elaborate handloom saree. What else? When you wear this clever, gorgeous blue piece, you will be representing Banaras with pride.  



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Trending Banarasi Saree Styles for 2023