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Exploring Clay Pot Cooking Tradition in USA

The Indian tradition of cooking in clay pots has been brought to the US by immigrants.

Indian Clay Pots!

India has a long-standing tradition of pottery making and the use of earthenware in cooking. Clay pots have been an essential component of Indian kitchens for centuries, providing many benefits to cooking. The porous nature of clay pots enables slow and even heating, which helps retain the food’s nutritional value and intensify the flavors.

In the past, clay pots were also used as refrigerators, especially during summers. Despite the emergence of factory-made cookware, many people still prefer using clay pots as they believe it adds unique taste and nutrition to the food. Traditional hotels and restaurants also use clay pots to serve dishes, especially biryanis and curries, for the same reason. Overall, the use of earthenware remains an important part of India’s rich cultural heritage, valued by many people even in modern times.

The Indian tradition of cooking in clay pots has been brought to the United States by immigrants, and it is gaining popularity among people who appreciate the benefits of slow and even cooking. Clay pots are sold in Indian grocery stores and online stores, and are used in Indian restaurants to create an authentic culinary experience.

The popularity of clay pots can be attributed to the growing interest in healthy cooking and sustainable living. Overall, the Indian tradition of cooking in clay pots has found a new home in the US, with people embracing this cultural practice and its benefits.

There are several sources of buying clay pots in the US. One can purchase them from Indian grocery stores or order them online from specialized online stores that sell handmade clay pots and other traditional Indian cookware.

Where to buy clay pots in USA

Here is the list of top places to buy clay pots in USA.


Pots have the ability to circulate steam throughout cooking. This will help in more even cooking of food.


Since clay is porous in nature it will retain the moisture. Thus, you get aromatic food.


All the nutrients and aroma in the ingredients will be retained. This makes the food flavorsome and healthy.


Alkaline nature of clay pots will help in neutralizing acidity. Besides, it retains oil well. So, no need for excess oil or fat.

Cooking in clay pots and earthenware has numerous benefits, including slow and even cooking, enhanced flavors, and retention of nutritional value. While modern life may make it difficult to prioritize traditional cooking methods, taking the time to cook in clay pots can provide a connection to the past and a unique culinary experience. Therefore, it is worthwhile to try using clay pots and relive the traditional memories associated with cooking in them.



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Exploring Clay Pot Cooking Tradition in USA