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5 Modern Women’s Hairstyles that Go Well with Designer Saris

A good stylist is cheaper than a good therapist.

The significance of saree hairstyles.

Since designer sarees are the height of sophistication and elegance, every lady wants to appear her best when donning one.

The haircut completes the outfit despite the saree’s amazing appearance.Finding the ideal hairstyle to go with designer sarees for women might be difficult with so many current trends. The newest hairstyles that will make you appear great in your designer sarees are covered in this post.

Top Trendy Hairstyles for Sarees

The beauty of sarees can be greatly enhanced by hairstyles. Your saree outfit can be made more elegant and glamorous with the right hairstyle. By giving the hair more height or volume, it can also aid in balancing the overall appearance. Additionally, hairstyles can be employed to draw attention to the saree’s exquisite elements, such as the neck, back, or sleeves. So it’s important to get a haircut that compliments your saree and improves your entire appearance.

1. The Classic Bun

The simplicity and sophistication of the traditional bun are what continue to draw people to it. Almost any style of saree can be worn with this adaptable hairstyle.

Examples of traditional bun hairstyles:

  • Traditional silk sarees go well with a high bun that is decorated with flowers and pins.
  • Modern women’s designer sarees look great when worn with a low bun and a side parting.
  • Side-Swept Bun with Loose Strands: For a more carefree and informal appearance, try a side-swept bun with loose strands.

2Loose Curls

For a more carefree and informal appearance, loose curls are ideal. It goes great with chiffon or georgette lightweight sarees. Curls can be styled with pins for a more structured appearance or left loose.

Hairstyles with loose curls include:

  • Middle Parting and Loose Curls: A middle parting and loose curls go nicely with classic silk sarees.
  • Half-Up, Half-Down Curls: These curls look great with contemporary women’s fashion sarees.
  • Curls that are pinned up are perfect for a more formal appearance.

3. French Twist

A timeless hairdo that oozes refinement and sophistication is the French twist. It is ideal for formal gatherings. To improve the overall appearance, it can be accessorised with hairpins, flowers, or jewellery.

French twist hairdo varieties:

  • Traditional silk sarees go great with the classic French twist, especially when done with a side part.
  • Modern designer sarees look great with a sloppy French twist that has loose strands.
  • Side-Swept French Twist: For a more carefree and informal appearance, try a side-swept French twist.

4. Braids

Raids are a common hairdo that may be worn in a variety of ways to match various saree types. A side braid complements a contemporary designer saree far better than a fishtail braid does with a traditional saree.

many braided hairstyles:

  • A fishtail braid is ideal for wearing with conventional silk sarees.
  • Modern women’s designer sarees look great with a side braid.
  • Dutch Braid: A Dutch braid is excellent for a more distinctive and modern appearance.

5. Side-Swept Hairstyles

Sarees go well with side-swept hairstyles because they elevate the whole aesthetic with a hint of glitz and refinement.

Various side-swept haircuts include:

  • Side-Swept Ponytail: For a laid-back appearance, a side-swept ponytail with loose strands is ideal.
  • Side-Swept Curls or Waves: For a more formal occasion, side-swept curls or waves are perfect.


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